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Generous Giving Project

The Generous Giving Project – Diocese of Durham


This project was launched in April 2016 to help explore why giving is a central part of our Christian faith.  Rachael Phillips was appointed to run the project for two years.  Rachael is from Darlington and has spent the last 13 years serving in the British Army, in Afghanistan, Bosnia and the UK.  She is a Royal Engineer although most of her career was as a community liaison officer.  In Afghanistan Rachael became a Christian.  She left her job in the army and has been studying theology at Cranmer Hall, Durham University.  Rachael has used her experiences to encourage and inspire her fellow Christians in the Diocese.  In the coming months Rachael will be writing on all aspects of giving generously, and will be ‘unpacking;’ the biblical reasons for our giving, and sharing stories about money, generosity and faith from around the world.  In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of her stories with you. 

Find the full story about Rachael at thegenerousgivingproject.wordpress.com/


God’s Gift, Do We Get it?